What are street kids?

Street kids aren’t the same as orphans - they have parents, however they have to live with the dreadful experience that their parents do not want them and have left them somewhere to fend for themselves. They sometimes try to find their parents again, mostly without success, but even if they would find them - then what?

What is the relief project "India’s Street Kids" and how did it come about?

It all started quite unspectacularly in summer 2004 when an Indian priest came to Gössenheim for a few weeks while the local priest was on holiday.
Aug. 05 023
Reverend Tom Anto Puthenkalam turned out to be an unusual priest - charming, intelligent (he finished his PhD with Summa cum laude and is currently assistant to the bishop of Kerala), with a good sense of humour, but always humble and down to Earth - and he quickly won over the citizens of Gössenheim. He was staying at Mrs. Winter’s B&B where he soon became part of the family, and in turn contacts were build with the rest of his family in India and the USA. Even after ‘Tom’ (as he was simply known) had returned to India he stayed in contact with his “German family”, and it came as no surprise that Mr. & Mrs. Winter were invited to visit him in India. While Mr. Winter couldn’t go because of his bad knee, Mrs. Winter very much looked forward to her visit - little did she know that her holiday would turn out to be very diferent from what she expected (see the newspaper article for details) …

If you’d like to get more information about the relief project or want to help, then please contact Mrs. Veronika Winter either by phone Tel. +49 (0)9358 255 or by email And if you should happen to be in the neighborhood then feel free to drop in - she loves to tell people about the many new kids she got at her age ;-)

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